4D Highest Jackpot Ever RM97 Million

Toto Malaysia announced on its Facebook page yesterday that the largest ever jackpot of RM97.75 million was won by two winners from Penang and Selangor. kind. 5 years ago, there was a lucky winner from Penang who took away the highest jackpot prize at that time, and now one of the lucky winners has landed in Penang again!

The jackpot of RM97.75164385 sen comes from the jackpot of Malaysia Toto Lucky Toto (6/58) with the lucky numbers 5, 12, 20, 22, 29, and 41.

One of the lucky winners from Penang won RM95,036,321 in systematic play, and the winning ticket was sold at Toto Betting Station in Batu Maung, Penang. Another lucky winner bought a lottery ticket at Puchong Toto Betting Station in Selangor and won RM2,715,322 with EZ-Bet.

It is worth mentioning that the previous highest jackpot in Malaysian gaming history was the RM69.6 million awarded by Lucky Toto Mark Six (6/63) on September 13, 2017, which was won by a Penang businessman; the lucky winner used only RM50 to win the highest amount of Jackpot prize at the time. Now one of the winners of the top prize is also from Penang!

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